Broadcast Schedule

96.7 FM North Walnut Grove WA

It's VINTAGE FM RADIO.  Free Form Rock! Deep tracks from the 60's through today. Honoring a time when FM Rock stations were still in their infancy and when Dee Jay's picked their own music.  We mix in old D.J airchecks, interviews, recordings, promos, comedy shows, commercials and old station ID's that those Jocks have sent in in between the tunes, programmed right from our "vintage" studio!
Usually we'll pick a particular station from a specific era, such as KWFM Tucson (1970's) Radio Luxembourg (1980's) or KFOG from San Francisco, Radio Free Phoenix, 98.1 "The Bay's Old School Station", Radio Caroline,  etc. and play their jingles, Dee Jay's airchecks, commercials and interviews along with just the music of that era.  It's only on 96.7 FM in the evenings!
Saturday Night Disco Party!  Usually on Saturday nights we air the "Saturday Disco Party" until 9PM!

Wednesday Concerts in "The Grove"

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Listen Wednesday evening's at about 7pm all summer for a "vintage" Rock Concert on 96.7FM, your neighborhood station in North Walnut Grove.  It's brought to you by The King Biscut Flower Hour! (Runs from the end of May through September)
Black Oak Arkansas
John Butcher
Steve Forbert
Lynyrd Skynyrd
BB King
The Fixx
John Entwistle
Black Oak Arkansas
The Alarm
and many many more.......
Note: These concerts are only on 96.7 FM in North Walnut Grove, not on our internet feed.  They will resume again in the summertime between Memorial Day and Labor Day!  It's a great way to fire up the BAR-B-Q, listen to a great vintage concert and enjoy a summer evening here in Walnut Grove!