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KBFD has PERMANENTLY signed off the air on our FM signal 104.9 at Sunset Beach. Thank you all for listening for 15 years and please continue to listen to our 3 internet stations below and we'll continue to bring you great alternative radio to Sunset Beach and the world!



Three great KBFD internet formats to listen too just below, playing great music other stations won't play!


Click HERE for XRAY-FM link! Great Alternative radio for Oregon!

Click HERE to listen to Deep Oldies- Great oldies the other stations won't play!

Click HERE to listen to Eclectic Alternative Rock Radio with live DJ's!

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Click the above player to sample music we play & keep KBFD comming! (Be sure to scroll up to the Live365 player and turn down the volume on it, then come back down to sample the music) We're NOT asking for a donation, just inviting you to visit our sponsors & Rock Shoppe!  Get your MP3 Downloads for as low as .89 cents!   Sample this months top KBFD Albums at the Amazon Widget above!  Or display one of our bumper stickers, e-mail us and we'll send you one!  Most of all, spread the word about KBFD and our web site!

          Below are links  for News,Weather,Tides and much more!

KBFD Fun Links:


WLW Babe Of The Day!


KWFM Tucson Memorial


KSTM "The Storm" History

Pete's Radio Museum & History!

The Dead Rock Star Club Site

Today in History (Cool Videos)!

A short film:Dance Monkey

What's happened to the US & why?

US National Debt Counter

Timeline of World History

World population Growth Graph

How many people have lived on earth?

The Doomsday Clock

Murder of an Oregon Soldier

1933 Arial Photo of Sunset Beach & Camp Rilea

Step back in time to 1940
Click the 1940's Oregon Coast tour link

1940's Oregon Coast Tour


Oregon During WWII

Take a trip to our sister city!
at The Sunset Beach Bar in St. Maarten

Chuck Wagon Link

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FM Music Radio the way it was ment to be!
Just saying NO to the Corporate Madness!


The latest News,Weather,Sports & Coast Activities below!

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North Coast Traffic

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Tide Tables at Cannon Beach

Astoria Weather & Tides

The Daily Astorian

Coast Activities:

Sunset Beach Info

Surf Pines Info


Lewis & Clark Nat Park


Fort Stevens


Oregon Coast Aquarium

Wild Waves Park!


Aladdin Theater


Liberty Theater

Experience Music Project

Portland Timbers

Seattle Mariners

Seattle Seahawks

Volcano Cam!

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)

Gas Saving Tips!

The Daily Onion


Music News

It was Europe's HOT music station!
1.2 MILLION WATTS on AM 1440 and MW208

KBFD with NEW music you won't hear on AM/FM
Like "The Noisettes" from the UK!

KBFD goes to the Oktoberfest!


Great German Radio & News is  here! Just click on our Pacific Radio Network link  at the top of the page!


Catch Pete's  "All-Night Rock Asylum" live from the KBFD Sunset Beach studio on Radio Free Phoenix - 105.1 in  EAST Phoenix Metro area & 92.7 in Globe, Arizona Sunday mornings 2AM - 6AM MST 


www.radiofreephoenix.com 105.1 Phoenix/92.7 Globe

Part 15 FCC Broadcasting Info

BFD-FM Radio is authorized to broadcast under Part 15 of FCC Rules & Regulations.  We are a legal Microcast station & broadcast to our North Sunset Beach neighborhood with less than 1 watt of power, actually its less than 1/4 watt (25mw) which means our signal only goes out a few hundred feet from our transmitter site.  We use the same legal low power transmitter used by a drive-in movie theater or a high school campus. We strive to be a good neighbor and not interfere with any licensed broadcast service.  On the air we identify ourselves as "BFD Radio" so not to be confused with any licensed broadcasting station. To hear our station better  in North Sunset Beach it helps to have an external FM antenna on your FM stereo reciever.   Questions, concerns and comments should be addressed to us at our e-mail above.  For more information on FCC Rules and Regulations please refer to their website at www.fcc.gov or for a simplified overview of Part 15 low power hobby broadcasting, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Part_15 and www.part15.us

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