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Philipp Korte was the younger half brother of Johan Jodokus Korte Kraushaar.  They shared the same mother, Catherina Boge Korte.  After her first husband Johann Henrichs Korte died she married Anton Spielmann and had three more children including Philipp.  It is unknown why Philipp took the last name of Korte rather than the Spielmann name, however my research indicates the local preists usually made these decisions.

Philipp Korte

Name patron of the six-form high school Salzkotten


Philipp Korte was born on 3. December 1730 in Deutmecke in Sauerland as a son of a simple farmer. He attended the Franziskanergymnasium (high school) in Attendorn from 1742-1747. He was  financially supported by his uncle. Philipp had special gifts in natural sciences, mechanics and in particular for physics. On 29. November 1747 he began a study in philosophy and theology at the University of Paderborn. At this time he was barely 17 and mastered the study in each case as the class-best.
He could speak several languages fluently: Latin, Greek, English, French and Italian.

On  21. September 1754 he was dedicated in Paderborn to the priesthood and became afterwards Deputy Chaplin in Salzkotten.
Two years later, on 4. August 1756, he got the Pfarrstelle at the village in Paderborn. Then received the Pfarrstelle in Salzkotten to November 1758 and was there active up to its death to 15. July 1803. He was at this time 72 years old. During his lifetime he helped Salzkotten after the conclusion of the seven-year-war to new economic upswing. He built an improved graduation works, whereby the import of foreign salt was forbidden and the export was promoted. Thus also the salt prices could be enormously lowered. He built still new simmering houses at the same time. In addition he built still another parsonage building in the year 1773, a Knabenschule (boys school) in the year 1793, a Kaplanei and a poorhouse.He was a successful writer, particularly with his books: “Remarks over measures and weights” and “the history of the City Salzkotten”. He got two awards in the year 1779 even. Price with a task of price over measures and weights in the Academy of Sciences in London.
For all that he did he did not neglect his obligations as a minister, still helpful to humans, and he worried much about the youth.
In the memory of Philipp Korte, after World War II, in 1958 a memorial stone was dedicated at the saltworks of Westernkotten set and Minister Korte road.

Philipp Korte Born in Deutmecke

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