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Peter Michael Kraushaar 2006
Kraushaar Historian & Genealogist

Here is the family historical photo album with photos of as many Kraushaar's as possible and when possible dates and locations.   I will continue to add photos every few months, so keep checking back.  If you have any Kraushaar photos, especially from Hatzfeld or related to the Hatzfeld Kraushaars, please feel free to e-mail them to me to be included here. Photos old and new are welcome!  I am trying to list pages by region, so if your Kraushaar clan photos are from another area, I'll simply make a new page!

Jacob Kraushaar & Peter Kraushaar
Vancouver, Washington 2007

Joseph Peter Kraushaar in later years
1915 Cincinnati, Ohio-2004 Tucson, Arizona

Joseph Peter Kraushaar as a young man

Joseph Peter Kraushaar
US Horse Cavalry WWII era

Trooper Joseph "Peter" Kraushaar
US Horse Cavalry, Fort Ord, CA WWII

Brother Joseph "Peter" & Carl Kraushaar
WWII era, Cincinnati

Kraushaar Family Foto, Hatzfeld Hungary about 1900
(Also known as Jimbolia, Romania after WWI)

Above Photo L-R 1)Mathias Kraushaar, 2)Elizibeth Kraushaar, 3)Anna Kraushaar-Born 1863, 4)Katherine Kraushaar, 5)Doridea Birkenheuer-Born 1825 , 6)Franz Kraushaar, 7)Jasko Kraushaar, 8)Franz Kraushaar, 9)Marishga Kraushaar, 10)Peter Kraushaar (my Grandfather)
The photo below is of the Kraushaar and Atsch families and was taken by Joseph "Peter" Kraushar during his 5 month visit in the summer of 1938
In the next foto below that one is Joseph "Peter" Kraushar is sitting with the dog and surrounded by Josie, Lizzie Atsch Onkle und Marishga!

Wedding of Josko Kraushaar (seated) in Hatzfeld.
Back Row on left is my Grandfather Peter Kraushaar and his 1st wife Eva Kretten

Hatzfeld Kraushaar Foto
Hatzfeld 1938

Anna Hofler Kraushaar 1863-1947

Anna Hofler Kraushaar
1938 Hatzfeld

Kraushaar Family
Hatzfeld 1938

Above Foto  in 1938 Hatzfeld L-R: Robert,Lizzie, Anna Kraushaar, Joseph Peter Kraushaar (visiting from Cincinnati), Hans Marzig, Marish
Top Left Foto Below in early 1960's Cincinnati: Lizzie & Joseph "Peter" Kraushar above, Peter Kraushar and Peter Michael Kraushar  below (3 generations of Kraushar men)

Top: Aunt Lizzie & Joseph "Peter" Kraushaar
Bottom:Peter Kraushaar & Peter Michael Kraushaar

Anna Focht Kraushaar Photo Approx 1915
Married to Peter Kraushaar

Kraushaar Family Photos