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The North Oregon Coast's  Alternative

KBFD is a privately owned and funded radio station,  with one mission, giving the people of Sunset Beach, the North Oregon Coast, and the world, a music radio station that is completey different than anything heard on AM or FM. We have thrown the corporate radio rules away, and play great music mixed together from many different genres. We, the Dee Jay's pick what we want to play from our massive music library each day.  It is the way pioneer FM stations were programmed, basically with no "rules", so you never know what you're going to hear.  Rock concerts, special programming, interviews with the greatist Rock artists of all time, or even an hour of Country music or Jazz played when you least expect it.  But mostly, just a great mix or hits and "B sides" from alot of different genres mixed together.  Old music and new music too.  The "Super Groups" and local artists.

KBFD radio is owned by Sunset Beach resident Peter M Kraushaar and is a FCC Part 15 radio station, meaning we broadcast at much less than one watt of power and therefore can only be heard in the north Sunset Beach neighborhood.  BUT KBFD can be heard  anywhere over our website and at live365.com, including on your mobile devices.   KBFD is his gift to the people of Sunset Beach, an area he has always loved and the station encourages visitors and tourism to the area.

A small wire "Dipole" antenna that can be purchased at Radio Shack for a couple of bucks can improve your reception of KBFD if you are in Sunset Beach.

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